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18650 lithium ion battery 24v 11Ah electric dust removal car, stage light battery pack

Custom energy storage battery packs
  • Product Description

Rated capacity: 11250 (mah)
Custom processing: Yes
Standard voltage: 22.2 (V)
Charging current: 2 (A)
Dimensions: 148*74.5*69.5(mm)
Charging time: 6H
Battery type: lithium battery
Rechargeable: Rechargeable
Standard capacity: 11Ah
Product Name: 24V lithium battery pack
Electric voltage: 25.2
Storage temperature: 23 ± 5 °C
Working temperature: -20-60 °C
Net weight: 1400 (g)
Scope of application: electric dust removal vehicle, tester, stage light, etc.
Minimum capacity: 11Ah
Internal resistance: 141mΩ
Load voltage: 22.6V

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