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Custom energy storage battery packs

» Custom energy storage battery packs

3.7V Large-capacity polymer lithium battery 7373129 40000mAh medical devices lithium batteries

Custom energy storage battery packs
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  • medical devices lithium batteries
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Charge Current:0.5C

Charging time:About 3.5 hours

Max.charge current:Constant Current 3CConstant Voltage 4.2V 0.01 C cut-off

Max.discharge current:Constant current 20 Cend voltage 3.0V

Discharge cut-off voltage:3.0V


Cell Dimension:130*73*30mm

Operating temperature:Charging:0℃~45℃ ;Discharging:-20℃~60℃

Fit for:Smart Home, robot, Smart home battery packs, medical equipment, etc


1. Size, model and capacity can be selected, strong applicability, can be customized according to customer requirements. All kinds of combinations can be carried out according to different requirements. Excellent quality and low price. Quality assurance: A core, high capacity, low internal resistance, stable voltage.

2. Performance is stable and cycle life is long. No memory effect: charge and discharge can be used at any time. High safety: built-in protective board, overcharge and over-discharge protection to ensure the safe use of batteries.

3. High energy density, long placement time, wide working temperature range, good sealing characteristics, stable discharge voltage.

4. Green environmental protection: no mercury, cadmium, lead and other harmful substances, in line with ROHS,SGS,MSDS certification.

5. Delivery period is short, service is perfect in place.

medical devices lithium batteries

Smart home battery packs

Customized Li-Polymer battery

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