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5G a breakthrough in spectrum technology, battery life soared

July 10, 2020

Extending battery life has been a challenge for all IoT application industries. researchers have now built a new component that will more effectively allow access to up to 5 G frequencies, thereby prolonging the battery life of the device and speeding up our processing of content such as hd streaming.

How to operate?

Smartphones are equipped with switches that perform multiple tasks. one of the main tasks is to switch between network and spectrum frequency :4G、Wi-Fi、LTE、 bluetooth etc. current rf (RF) switches performing this task are always in operation, which consumes valuable processing capacity and battery life.

Teams from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Lear have found solutions. “Compared with the switches we use today, the switches we developed are more than 50 times more energy efficient ,” said Deji Akinwande, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the College of Engineering, which led the study. “It can transmit HDTV streams at a frequency of 100 GHz, which is unheard of in broadband switching .”

the new switch remains off and can save battery life for other processes unless other steps are actively helping the device jump between networks. and they also demonstrated the ability to transmit data at baseline above 5 G speed.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been promoting the development of “near zero power” RF switches for many years. previous researchers have found success at the low end of the 5 G spectrum. at the low end of the 5 spectrum, the speed is slower, but the data can propagate longer distances.

This is the first switch that can function in the spectrum from low-end gigahertz (GHz) frequency to high-end terahertz (THz) frequency, which may one day be the key to the development of 6 G.

The impact of this technology has surpassed that of smartphones. satellite systems, smart radios, reconfigurable communications, the “internet of things” and defense technologies are examples of other potential uses of these switches.

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