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Custom GPS tracking devices batteries

January 16, 2018

The GPS tracker is a terminal built with GPS module and mobile communication module for transmitting the positioning data obtained by the GPS module to a server on the Internet through a mobile communication module (gsm / gprs network), so as to be implemented on a computer Check the terminal location.

Basic Function:

1) positioning function: immediate positioning, timing positioning.
2) Two-way calling: The authorization number corresponding to the button can be set separately. When the button is pressed, the authorized number can be dialed and the incoming call can be answered.
3) Alarm function: emergency alarm, displacement alarm, speeding alarm, the area alarm, low power alarm, burglar alarm.
4) Electronic fence: The central management staff can set the terminal driving area. When the terminal exceeds the preset limit area, it will automatically send alarm information to the monitoring platform and send a short message to the supervising mobile phone to send an alarm.
5) Remote monitoring: You can set the monitoring number, when the number dialed the terminal, the terminal will automatically answer, which played the monitoring effect.
6) Automatic sleep: built-in vibration sensor, in the specified time, if there is no vibration, it will automatically go to sleep.


Track and dispatch, private detective tools, personal property tracking, pet tracking, wildlife tracking, trucking, car theft, bike theft, electric car theft, Motorcycle anti-theft, bank armored car, military exercise control, inspection tracking, official car management.


Mainly for ships, cars, aircraft and other sports objects for navigation. E.g:
1. Ship ocean navigation and incoming diversion
2. Aircraft route guidance and approach landing
3. Autonomous car navigation
4. Ground Vehicle Tracking and Urban Intelligent Traffic Management
Emergency life-saving
Personal travel and adventure
7. Personal communication terminal (integrated with cell phone, PDA, electronic map, etc.)
1. Power, telecommunications, communications and other network time synchronization
2. The exact time of the grant
3 accurate frequency of admission
1. Various levels of geodesy, control measurement
2. Roads and various lines lofted
3. Underwater topographic survey
4. Crustal deformation measurement, dam and large building deformation monitoring
5.GIS application
6. Construction machinery (tire hanging, bulldozers, etc.) control
7. Fine agriculture

Battery is an integral part of wireless GPS trackers, our company can provide you a variety of GPS tracking battery custom solutions and produce batteries according to your quirements.

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