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Custom LiFePO4 26650 Lithium Battery, 12.8V 26Ah Lawnmower Lithium Battery Pack

Customized energy storage battery packs
  • Product Description
  • Lawnmower Lithium Battery Pack
  • Electric Motorcycle battery
  • Energy storage equipment battery




Dimension:Custom according to requirements

Fit for:Electric Motorcycle, Electric Vehicle, Lawmower Electric sprinkler, Golf carrier, Balance Car ,etc

LiFePO4 battery has the following advantages:

1, High-Efficient Outputs:

2, has good performance at high temperature;

3, has an excellent cycle life;

4, Allows for fast charging;

5, Memormemory effect:

6,Small and lightweight.


Application of LiFePO4 battery:

Large electric vehicles: buses, electric vehicles, scenic spots and hybrid vehicles;

Light electric vehicles: electric bicycles, golf carts, small flat plate battery cars, forklift trucks, cleaning cars, electric wheelchairs, etc.;

Electric tools: electric drill, chainsaw, lawn mower, etc.;

Remote control of cars, ships, aircraft and other toys;

Energy storage equipment for solar energy and wind power generation;

UPS backup power supply and emergency lights, warning lights and mine lights (good safety);

Replacing the camera with a 3V disposable lithium battery and a 9V nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery (exactly the same size);

Small electronic instrument equipment and portable instrument backup power supply, etc.

All the specifications of battery packs can be customized according to your requirments.Welcome to contact us:

Lawnmower Lithium Battery Pack

Electric Motorcycle battery

Energy storage equipment battery

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