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How to leverage the $100 billion drone market?

September 3, 2020

Nowadays, drones are very common in our lives. Most of the big scenes in movies, TV dramas and commercial advertisements use drones to shoot, and many people buy drones to shoot scenery out of their interests. The broad vision and cool background make many people like to use it to record life.

In fact, drones were first used in the military field. During World War II, the idea of using drones to fly to enemy air to throw bombs was taken seriously, and later UAVs were used in Vietnam War and Gulf War.

With the improvement of UAV production technology and battery technology, UAV has a wider application range, and the cost reduction enables it to enter more people’s lives. The market price of an ordinary aerial UAV is about 3000 yuan, which should be affordable for aerial enthusiasts. In addition, UAVs are also used in geographic mapping, agriculture, rescue, transportation and other fields. Under complex terrain, UAVs save money and save time.

Most battery life is now about half an hour long, so spare batteries need to be carried for replacement. Even so, the requirements for batteries are high, and most of the batteries used in UAVs are lithium polymer batteries, which are smaller in the same capacity. For domestic UAV enterprises, it is necessary to improve battery life, reduce machine weight and strengthen competitiveness with international high-tech enterprises. “The global drone market will grow into a $100 billion market in the next five to 10 years,” analysts predict, and a breakthrough in lithium technology will play a key role.

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