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Custom Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs

» Custom Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs

Lithium Ion 18650 3.7V 4000mAh rechargeable battery pack for power bank and LED flashlight

Custom Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs
  • Specifications



Max Charge Voltage:4.2V

Charge Current:0.5C-3C

Cycle Life:More than 500 times

Working Temperature:Charge:0-45℃,Discharge:-30-60℃


Battery Dimension:Customized

Battery Features:

1: High energy density
2: High working voltage for single battery cells
3: Pollution-free
4: Long cycle life
5: No memory effect
6: Capacity, resistance, voltage, platform time consistency is good
7: With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable
8: Good consistency, low self-discharge
9: Light weight, small and customized size
10: Wide application for electronics and industry


1. Emergency power supply, LED light & flashlight: headlamp, emergency light, solar flashlight, searchlight, lantern, bicycle light, bright flashlight, high-end lamp, military flashlight and so on.
2. Home appliance products: electric vacuum cleaner, electric sweeper, water meter, gas meter, electric children toys, electric warm shoes, electric blanket, TV remote control (RC) and so forth.
3. Consumer applications, communicate & telephone equipment: MPS, tablet PC, laptop, Bluetooth earphone, power bank, portable DVD player, speaker, microphone, sound equipment, audio, digital camera and others
4. Outdoor sports products: camping light, mountain bike light, solar emergency light, self-defense flashlight and that.
5. Electronic tools & electric transportation vehicles: electric bike, electric car. E-scooter, electric motor and all that.
6. Solar lamp, remote control
7. Medical device
8. Backup power supply
9. Electrical and hobby
10. UPS, GPS and so on.


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