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Как продлить срок службы батареи электрических транспортных средств? 6 советы, чтобы правильно зарядить электрический велосипед.

May 21, 2018

How to extend the life of electric vehicle batteries? General electric car battery is not like a mobile phone battery to use up the charge, but use it to charge, even if you just use a little to charge some electricity, especially the new car, this is the best.

Here are the correct ways to charge the 7 electric bikes:

1. First protect the charger

In order to reduce costs, current chargers are basically not designed for high vibration resistance, so that chargers are generally not placed in the trunk and basket of electric bicycles. In special circumstances, it must be moved, and the charger must be packaged in foam to prevent vibration from occurring.

After many chargers vibrate, their internal potentiometers will drift, causing the entire parameter to drift, causing the charging status to be abnormal. К тому же, it is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation of the charger when charging, otherwise it will not only affect the life of the charger, but also may cause thermal drift and affect the state of charge. This will damage the battery. Следовательно, it is also very important to protect the charger.

2.Regular charging

Even if your renewal ability is not long enough, you can use it for 2 в 3 days on a single charge, but it is recommended that you charge regularly (например, every two days or two). This will make the battery in a shallow cycle, the battery life will be extended.

Some early use of mobile phone users think that the best battery is basically used up after charging, this view is wrong, the memory efficiency of lead-acid batteries is not so strong. Frequent discharges have a greater impact on battery life.

Most chargers may charge between 97% и 99% after the indicator light changes to indicate full charge. Although only 1% в 3% of the charge is undercharged, the impact on the continuous line capacity is almost negligible, but the undercharge accumulation is also formed. Следовательно, after the battery is fully charged, the float charge is continued as much as possible.

3.Charging in time

After the battery was discharged, the vulcanization process began. At the beginning of 12 часов, significant vulcanization occurred. Charging in time can eliminate less severe vulcanization. If it is not charged in time, these vulcanized crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals. The general charger is incapable of these coarse crystals and will gradually form a decline in battery capacity and shorten the time. Battery life.

Следовательно, in addition to timely charging, we must also pay attention to charging as soon as possible after use, as far as possible so that the battery power is full.

В то же время, each time the charging time is about 6 в 8 часов, the new car should be a little longer, but not more than 12 часов. If it is too much trouble, it can be less frequent, but do not run out of battery. Charge, the battery status will drop sharply, so that for a few times your car will run for a while, it will be no electricity, so maintenance must be in place, do not be afraid of trouble.

4.Regular deep discharge

A deep discharge of the battery at regular intervals also helps toactivatethe battery, which can slightly increase the capacity of the battery. The general method is to periodically discharge the battery completely. The method of full discharge is to cycle to the first undervoltage protection under normal load conditions on a flat road.

Note that we particularly emphasize the first time undervoltage protection. After the battery is undervoltage protection for the first time, after a period of time, the battery voltage will rise and return to a non-undervoltage state. If the battery is used again, the battery will be greatly damaged. After the full discharge is completed, the battery is fully charged. It will feel that the battery capacity has improved.

5.Develop some good habits of saving electricity

Use gliding whenever possible. When using the following slopes, make use of the power-down deceleration in advance. When you are about to meet the traffic lights, you should enter the taxi ahead of time to minimize the brakes. A friend told me that he would rather reduce the brake once he would prefer to make one more trip. This makes sense.

When starting, it is best to add riding assistance, not only can increase the start speed, but also can reduce the battery power loss and life damage.

6. Pay attention to the charging environment

The best ambient temperature for charging is 25°C. Most chargers do not have an automatic control system that adapts to the ambient temperature. Следовательно, most chargers are designed according to an ambient temperature of 25°C, so charging at 25°C is better. В противном случае, it will be difficult to avoid the problem of winter overcharge and summer overcharge.

Однако, when the ambient temperature is really less than 25°C, there is bound to be a problem of overcharging and charging in winter. Fortunately, most homes now have room temperature conditioning, so when charging, it’s best to place the battery and charger in a well-ventilated and tempered environment.

The special note is: when the battery is in the cold winter outdoor conditions and enters a warm room, the surface of the battery will have frost and condensation. In order to avoid battery leakage caused by frost condensation, charging should be performed after the battery temperature rises close to the room temperature and is dried.

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