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The Advantages of Customized Batteries and Battery packs

August 19, 2020

For industrial application, there are circumstances where a battery pack has to function in a very specific manner, conform to particular measurements or fulfill other highly precise requirements. In such instances a custom designed and built battery pack is often necessary.

Similar to most portable electronic devices, the battery of wearable devices are complicated, some specific requirements to the shape, size, durability, discharge rate, and other functions.

Of course, we (consumer) all wanted much light, handy, and durable electronic devices. Different types of battery and technology can reach more requirements for wearable devices.

Moreover, currently the most popular among wearable devices are lithium ion (Li-ion) and lithium ion polymer (LiPo, Li-Po, LIP, Li-poly) batteries, the small lithium ion polymer batteries or LiCoin rechargeable batteries are mostly used.

Wearable devices like wristband, smartwatches, smart ring, etc., which we often encounter every day, can customize the shape of the battery in order to optimize the space, size, and weight of the product.

2、Targeted Customization by needs

In addition to temperature, what others can be customized? There are 6 features below:

  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Charge Current
  • Discharge Current
  • Usage Temperature

3、Keep secret

In terms of customized services, the customer’s requirements are related to their unique product design. Whatever the specifications, size and application areas of the battery, it is a business secret of customers. Therefore, most of its information will be strictly confidential and will not be disclosed until it is approved by the customer.

When you decide to customize the battery, the information provided is not comprehensive enough, it will not only affect the efficiency, but also the performance of the end product.

If customer requests, the customized battery can also be packaged. Most of the packaged batteries will be equipped with protective plates, wires, plug wires, housings, etc., and perhaps need to install FPC soft cable, some needs plastic shells, such as RC Car’s battery,and may need to add communication protocols, such as car batteries. Therefore, these product use polymer lithium batteries involving high current, shell and different color, etc.. Detailed expression of requirements and parameter requirements can reduce many unnecessary errors.

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