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What are the advantages of using lithium batteries in medical devices?

October 31, 2020

What are the benefits of using lithium batteries in medical devices? Medical equipment has become an important field of modern medical treatment. Compared with other traditional technologies, lithium batteries have many advantages in the application of portable medical equipment. This includes higher energy density, lighter weight, longer cycle life, better battery capacity retention characteristics, and wider applicable temperature range.

What are the benefits of using lithium batteries in medical devices?

Good 1. safety performance. The structure of medical device lithium battery adopts aluminum plastic soft package, which is different from the metal shell of liquid lithium battery. In the presence of safety risks, liquid batteries are prone to explode, while medical device batteries can only be inflated at most.

2. thickness is small and can be thinner. There is a technical bottleneck in liquid lithium ion battery thickness less than 3.6 mm, but there is no technical bottleneck in medical device battery thickness less than 1 mm

3. is light weight. The weight of the medical device lithium battery is 40 lighter than that of the steel shell lithium battery of the same capacity specification and 20 lighter than that of the aluminum shell battery.

4. shape can be customized. Lithium battery for medical devices can increase or decrease battery thickness according to customer demand, change shape, flexible and fast.

5. large capacity. The capacity of medical device battery is 10-15% higher than that of steel shell battery of the same size and 5-10% higher than that of aluminum shell battery.

6. internal resistance is very small. Through special design, the impedance of lithium battery can be greatly reduced, and the high current discharge performance of lithium battery can be greatly improved.

Application of Lithium Battery in Medical Equipment

Patient mobility has also become increasingly important. Patients today may be transferred from radiology to intensive care units, from ambulances to emergency rooms, or from one hospital to another. Similarly, the popularity of portable home appliances and mobile monitoring devices allows patients to stay where they like, not necessarily in medical institutions. Portable medical devices must be fully realized

Portable to provide the best service for patients. The demand for smaller and lighter medical devices has also increased significantly, which has greatly stimulated interest in higher energy densities and smaller sizes of lithium batteries.

Nowadays, the application of lithium batteries in medical devices has produced a large number of monitoring instruments, ultrasonic equipment and infusion pumps, which can be used far away from hospitals and even battlefields. Portable devices are becoming more and more convenient to move. It is because of technology such as lithium batteries that a 50-pound defibrillator can be replaced by lighter, more compact, user-friendly devices without causing muscle tension to medical staff. It is very important to ensure the correct and safe use of medical devices in modern clinical departments because of the variety of medical devices, full function and high precision. Therefore, the effective maintenance and maintenance of vulnerable parts such as lithium batteries in the instrument can not only prolong the service life of lithium batteries, but also reduce the maintenance cost of equipment and significantly improve the utilization rate and integrity rate of hospital medical equipment.

With the development of lithium battery technology and the improvement of portable medical devices to mobile work requirements, lithium batteries gradually occupy the leading position in the medical device industry because of their absolute advantages of high voltage, high energy and long life.

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