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What are the requirements for energy storage battery selection? Why LiFePO4 is preferred?

February 26, 2021

The requirement of energy storage power station determines what kind of lithium battery is the most suitable energy storage battery.

Generally speaking, the application purpose of energy storage power station in power grid is to consider several functional applications, such as load regulation, matching new energy access, compensating line loss, power compensation, improving power quality, operation of isolated network, peak cutting and valley filling, etc.

For example, cutting peaks and filling valleys, improving power grid operation curves, popular explanation, energy storage power stations are like a reservoir, which can store surplus water in the low valley period and then take it out at peak times. This reduces the waste of electricity.

What are the requirements for the selection of energy storage lithium ion batteries?

As an energy storage power station with photovoltaic power generation access, peak cutting and valley filling, load compensation and power quality improvement, lithium energy storage is a very important component, which must meet the following requirements:

1. easy to achieve multi-mode combination, to meet the higher working voltage and larger working current;

2. the capacity and performance of LiFePO4 battery can be detected and diagnosed, so that the control system can realize the dispatching control of power station load under the condition of predicting the capacity and performance of the battery;

3. high safety, reliability: in normal use, the normal service life of the battery is not less than 15 years; in the limit case, even if the failure is in the controlled range, there should be no explosion, combustion and other failures endangering the safe operation of the power station;

4. has good rapid response and large rate charge and discharge capacity, generally requires 5-10 times charge and discharge capacity;

5. high charge/discharge conversion efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, good environmental adaptability and wide operating temperature range.

LiFePO4 battery is used in power generation system to store energy. As a technology of large capacity battery energy storage system, LiFePO4 battery is the first choice.

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