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What is a low-temperature lithium battery? Introduction to the type and application of low-temperature lithium battery

October 17, 2022

Low temperature lithium battery, is a type of lithium metal battery, its operating temperature of-20°C to 60°C. It can work normally at low temperature, but the charge and discharge efficiency is low. It has the advantages of small size, high specific energy, good cycle performance and low cost.

Low temperature lithium battery is a kind of special materials and process made, suitable for subzero cold environment, and excellent discharge capacity and working performance, generally require in about-40 degrees of normal work, discharge capacity maintained at more than 80%, the minimum working temperature can reach-50℃.

Low temperature lithium battery uses VGCF and activated carbon with ㎡ surface area of (2000 ± 500) as additive and its matching positive and negative electrode materials, and is injected with special electrolyte with special additives to ensure the low temperature discharge function of lithium battery. At the same time, the volume change rate of high temperature 70℃ shelved for 24h is 0.5%, which has the safety and storage function of conventional lithium battery.

The pes of cryogenic lithium batteries

Low temperature lithium battery is divided into three series according to its use environment: civil low temperature battery, special low temperature battery, extreme environment low temperature battery:

1. Civil low-temperature lithium battery: -20℃ battery discharge 0.2C discharge accounts for more than 90% of the rated capacity; -30℃ battery discharge 0.2C accounts for more than 85% of the rated capacity;

2. Special low-temperature lithium battery-40℃ battery 0.2 discharge accounts for more than 80% of the rated capacity;

3. Extreme environment low temperature lithium battery-50℃ battery 0.2 discharge accounts for more than 50% of the rated capacity;

The application of cryogenic lithium batteries

Low temperature lithium battery with light quality, higher than energy and long life is widely used, suitable for the cold environment below zero, commonly used in equipment troops, aviation, aerospace, deep sea submersible equipment power, polar research, expedition equipment power supply, cold belt rescue, disaster relief with power, cold clothing, cold shoes power lamp.

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