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What is the structure of solar lithium battery?

June 29, 2018

Solar lithium batteries mainly have five major structural components: positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, separator, housing and electrode lead. Here we specifically introduce what the structure of solar lithium battery.

Currently used lithium battery materials are lithium cobaltate, lithium nickelate, and lithium manganate. The material used more often is lithium cobaltate, which has good cycle performance and is easy to manufacture. The disadvantage is that the cobalt compound is more expensive. Lithium nickelate is unstable because of its nature, and it is difficult to manufacture. In general, lithium cobalt oxide is used as a compound that is doped with nickel and is also referred to as lithium nickel cobalt oxide. Lithium manganate is also a very good material, and the decay of lithium manganate at high temperatures is relatively rapid and many other reasons, the current application of the majority still remain in the laboratory stage.

The structure of solar lithium batteries is mainly divided into two major categories: coiled and stacked. Lithium-ion batteries use a winding structure, and polymer lithium batteries have both. The winding-type diaphragms, diaphragms, and negative diaphragms are placed one after the other and wound into a cylindrical or flat cylindrical shape, represented mainly by SANYO, TOSHIBA, SONY, and ATL. In the stacked type, a positive electrode, a separator, a negative electrode, a separator, and a positive electrode are stacked in layers. All the positive electrodes are welded together, and the negative electrodes are also welded together to lead them out, mainly represented by ATL.

  In addition, during the charging and discharging process, the solar lithium battery is usually maintained under a certain pressure environment, or under stable performance conditions, and only these are all available, and the battery can permanently maintain stable and continuous performance. And this will also greatly extend the battery life.

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