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Why pure electric vehicles don’t use lower-cost lead-acid batteries but use high-cost lithium batteries?

July 28, 2020

When it comes to electric vehicles, it is understood that motor batteries are used with electronic control, whether low speed or pure electric, but for such vehicles, they are also electric vehicles, but they have different treatment. Pure electric vehicles use lithium batteries instead of cheaper lead-acid batteries.

In addition, poor battery quality, plate shedding, electrolyte leakage, water loss, shell breakage, battery terminal breakage are also the reasons for battery damage, are pure electric vehicles using lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries are simple in the process, from the cost is also very cheap, but compared with lithium batteries, the shortcomings are very obvious. Lead-acid batteries have a short average charge-discharge life of 300 to 500 times, and from the size of the battery, heavy.

Compared with the same capacity and lead-acid battery, the lithium battery weighs only one of the five lead-acid batteries, and has a long charge-discharge life: ternary polymer lithium charge-discharge times 1000 times. The highest lithium iron phosphate charge-discharge life of 2,000 times.

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