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Método de carga del paquete de baterías de litio para vehículos eléctricos y precauciones de carga

julio 10, 2023

When electric vehicles are becoming more and more common in the market, many people do not understand the correct charging method for lithium batteries of electric vehicles. Lithium battery packs are the first choice for electric vehicles now. Lead-acid batteries are relatively bulky in terms of performance. Lithium battery packs are lighter, and lithium batteries perform better. They can be charged and discharged normally at minus 20°C to 55°C, and their lifespan is longer than that of lead-acid batteries. 3 a 4 times the battery life.

Electric vehicle lithium battery pack charging method:

Charge according to the standard time and procedure, even for the first three times.

When the lithium battery pack is prompted to be too low when the electric vehicle is running, the lithium battery should be charged as soon as possible.

The activation of lithium battery electric vehicles does not require a special method, and the lithium battery pack will be activated naturally when the electric vehicle is running.

To charge with a special charger equipped with the car, first insert the output plug of the charger into the charging socket of the battery, and then insert the plug of the charger into the mains jack, and observe the indicator light to judge the charging.

After the indicator light of the charger turns green, charge for about 1-2 horas, and then the charging work can be stopped.

Electric vehicle lithium battery pack correct charging skills

1. The battery does not need to beactivated

The lithium battery pack does not need to be charged for more than 12 hours for the first three times, and the lithium battery has no memory.

2. Battery charging

Use the charger specified by the manufacturer to charge, and pay attention to whether the charger model matches the battery model when charging.

3. Avoid high temperature charging

Do not charge the lithium battery of an electric vehicle in an environment where the temperature exceeds 40°C. High temperature will cause the battery capacity to decline.

4. Timely charging

For the lithium battery pack, try to charge it as you use it, so as to avoid recharging the battery every time it is undervoltage, which can greatly improve the battery life.

5. Storage

When the lithium battery of the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, the battery should be disconnected from the whole vehicle, and some power should be added to the battery at intervals to avoid self-discharge of the battery or over-discharge of the battery due to power consumption of the protection board.

What should be paid attention to when charging the lithium battery pack of electric vehicles?

1. Place power up

Lithium battery packs have some remaining power before leaving the factory, and they can also be used for short-distance riding after the electric bike is sold. After the first ride, the battery must be charged for the first time. It is recommended that the first charge should take a little longer. The lithium battery pack should be charged in time after use and cannot be stored at a loss. If the battery has not been used for more than two months, Lithium battery packs require a full charge.

2. Precautions for the charger

In order to ensure the charging safety of the electric vehicle lithium battery pack and ensure the service life of the battery pack, the battery pack uses a matching lithium battery charger. If the charger is lost or damaged, please find the corresponding dealer to buy it. Do not use lead-acid chargers or other forms of chargers for charging.

3. Do not replace the charger casually, and do not remove the speed limit of the controller

The chargers of various manufacturers generally have individual needs, so don’t change the charger at will when you are not sure. If the continuation mileage is required to be relatively long, multiple chargers must be equipped for off-site charging. The chargers that make up the charge during the day are supplemented by additional chargers, and the original chargers are used at night. Removing the speed limit of the controller can increase the speed of some cars, but in addition to reducing the safety of the car, it will also reduce the service life of the battery.

4. Timely charging

After the battery was discharged, the vulcanization process began, and obvious vulcanization appeared at the beginning of 12 horas. Timely charging can remove minor sulfide. If it is not charged in time, these sulfide crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals. Por lo tanto, in addition to charging every day, you should also pay attention to charging as soon as possible after use to keep lithium as much as possible. The battery pack is fully charged.

5. Pay attention to the charging environment

The best ambient temperature for charging is 25°C. En el presente, most chargers do not have an automatic control system to adapt to the ambient temperature, so most chargers are designed according to the ambient temperature of 25°C, so it is better to charge at 25°C.

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