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Reasons why iPhone battery health drops quickly, 9 tips to maintain iPhone battery health

January 30, 2024

When the battery health of our iPhone begins to decline rapidly, it may affect the daily use experience. If you want to solve the problem of iPhone battery health declining rapidly, it is important to understand the reasons for the rapid decline of iPhone battery health! Below we’ve summarized some common reasons:

1、Battery aging: iPhone batteries age over time, which can cause a reduction in battery capacity and affect battery life.

2、Overcharging or discharging: Overcharging or discharging for an extended period of time can be harmful to battery health, and it’s best to avoid leaving your iPhone on charge for long periods of time and never allow it to completely drain.

3、High or low temperatures: Extreme temperatures can negatively affect the battery, avoid exposing iPhone to extreme heat or cold.

4、Background applications: Some applications running in the background may consume more power. Please make sure to close unnecessary applications when not in use.

5、Weak network signal or search: In a low-signal environment, iPhone may use more battery to maintain communication.

6、High brightness and volume: High brightness and loud volume may increase battery consumption.

7、Updates or background activity: System updates or background activity may increase battery usage.

8、Software issues: Software issues may cause the battery to drain too quickly.

9、Hardware issues: In some cases, a hardware failure may occur, such as a problem with the battery itself.

The following are 9 tips that may help you maintain iPhone battery health:

1. Use the original charging head and charging cable
2. Do not use your phone when fast charging your iPhone
3. Avoid charging your iPhone when the battery is too low
4. Avoid frequent use of iPhone in extreme environments
5. Don’t use your phone while charging
6. Charge when the battery is 40%-80%
7. Update the software to the latest version
8. Enable Low Power Mode
9. Turn on “optimized charging mode”

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