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Which one is safer, either ternary lithium battery or LiFePO4 battery?

September 13, 2022

New energy vehicle battery is more common safety problem is spontaneous combustion, many people on the ternary lithium battery and LiFePO4 battery which is more safe, if according to this situation to determine, the safety performance of LiFePO4 battery will be higher than the ternary lithium battery.

This is mainly because the heat resistance of LiFePO4 battery is better, and the thermal runaway temperature can reach more than 800 degrees. In other words, LiFePO4 batteries do not reach 800 degrees is basically not spontaneous combustion.

And ternary lithium battery is different, the thermal runaway temperature is basically about 200 degrees, throughout the spontaneous combustion events of new energy vehicles, most of them are ternary lithium battery. Therefore, for hot areas, the risk of ternary lithium battery spontaneous combustion will be higher.

The difference between LiFePO4 and ternary lithium battery mainly includes cost, low temperature performance, heat resistance, energy density, and service life:

1. Cost: LiFePO4 battery does not contain precious metals such as cobalt, so the cost of raw materials is low, while ternary lithium battery is the opposite;

2. Low temperature performance: the ultimate working temperature of the ternary lithium battery is minus 30 degrees Celsius, while theLiFePO4 battery is minus 20 degrees Celsius, and in the same low temperature environment, the attenuation of the LiFePO4 battery will be more severe;

3. Heat resistance: The above has said that the thermal runaway temperature of LiFePO4 can reach 800 degrees, while the ternary lithium battery is only 200 degrees, and the heat resistance of LiFePO4 battery will be better;

4. Energy density: the energy density of ternary lithium battery will be higher, that is, the battery in the same volume, can accommodate more electrons, so in the case of the same capacity, the volume and weight of ternary lithium battery will be smaller;

5. Service life: the charge and discharge cycles of LiFePO4 battery can reach more than 3500 times, and some can even reach 5000 times, while the cycles of ternary lithium battery are only about 2500 times, so the life of LiFePO4 battery is longer.

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