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How to make cell phone batteries more durable? Eight correct usage!

March 10, 2021

The longer smartphones are used, the less durable lithium batteries are. Of course, there are also many people feel indifferent, because “anyway, mobile phones are always charged “.

So how can cell phone batteries be more durable? What are the precautions?

At present, almost all the batteries used in mobile phones are lithium batteries.

The first problem is that the new phone must use automatic shutdown to recharge? In fact, this view is wrong.

Lithium batteries need to be activated, but now lithium batteries have been activated in multiple steps before they leave the factory, so we can use them normally after we get them.

The second question is, can lithium batteries be used with the charge? Do you need to wait until the battery is full? Mobile phone batteries do not have to be fully charged, and when the phone is charged to more than 80%, it will be in a battery protection state, so when it is charged to more than 80% of the electricity, the will continue to charge slowly.

In addition, it should be noted that lithium battery less than 20% will cause greater damage, so we should try to avoid using less than 20% of the electricity to recharge.

20%-80% is a good interval, in which it is used at any time.

The third problem is that overheating can damage the lithium battery, so if the phone is overheated, it is necessary to check the cause, if it is particularly hot, it is recommended to find something to dissipate the heat for the phone.

The fourth question is, can the phone play while charging? The answer is yes. But it is not recommended to play large games because it can cause a lot of fever.

The fifth problem is that the battery can no longer be filled? This view is also wrong, the phone has a battery management chip, full of automatic power failure, so there is no additional damage to plug-in. So you can rest assured that the phone is charged before going to bed, of course, due to the continuous charge and discharge at night, there will still be some impact on the phone battery, but very little.

The sixth problem is that using fast charging does accelerate the aging of the phone, but the impact is minimal, especially if it can greatly shorten the charging time, so if the phone has fast charging, feel free to use it.

The seventh problem is that there is a certain difference in battery capacity, it is possible that others are 100.1% of the real capacity, you are 104% of the real capacity, so some people may fall to 99%, some people for a long time or 100. So it’s not just a fake phone or a quick charge, but you may not be so lucky.

The eighth problem is that batteries are consumables. Don’t make a fuss about losing a little life. Whether you have good habits or not, batteries are basically changed for two or three years.

Finally, the mobile phone battery itself is a consumable, do not have to put too much energy on how to protect the mobile phone battery, develop a good charging habit, try to charge more than 20% of the electricity, multi-frequency charging, are able to protect the battery habit.

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