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6 tips to protect UAV drones Lithium batteries

июнь 23, 2020

Both UAV batteries and cell phone batteries are lithium batteries, which are the power source of the equipment and require higher safety performance. But there is a difference between the two, UAV battery than mobile phone battery ratio has a significant feature —— discharge, UAV battery needs to discharge, so as to meet the requirements of UAV use in different environments, such as aerial photography, if encountered a strong wind, then the need battery can achieve high current discharge to make corresponding compensation, to ensure the position of the UAV. Because of the different use requirements, the life of UAV battery is relatively short.

6 tips to protect UAV drones Lithium batteries

Do not over discharge

The discharge curve of the battery shows that when the discharge starts, the voltage drops faster, but the discharge is between 3.9~3.7 V, and the voltage drops less quickly. But once dropped to 3.7 V, the speed of voltage drop will be accelerated, poor control will lead to overplay, light damage battery, heavy voltage is too low to cause explosion machine. Some mold friends because the battery is less, so each time will overplay, such a battery is very short life. The strategy is to fly as little as one minute as possible, to fly a cycle more life, would rather buy two more batteries, not each time to fly the battery beyond the capacity limit. To make full use of the battery alarm, an alarm should land as soon as possible.

Do not over charge

1. use a dedicated charger. this charger can be lithium ion or lithium polymerization special charger, both are very close. Some mobile phone chargers can be used to charge lithium polymer batteries. This will not damage the battery.

2. accurately set the number of cell monomers in the battery pack. For the first few minutes of charging, you must carefully observe the charger’s display screen, which will show the number of batteries in the battery pack. If you are not clear, you should not charge or use a charger that you are familiar with.

3. зарядить новую группу литиевых батарей в первый раз, проверьте напряжение каждой ячейки в блоке батарей, и то же самое должно быть сделано каждый 10 зарядка и разрядка позже. Это абсолютно необходимо, и аккумуляторная батарея с несбалансированным напряжением все еще будет взрываться, когда количество элементов выбрано для правильной зарядки. Если напряжение ячейки изменяется более чем на 0.1 вольт, Вы должны зарядить напряжение каждой ячейки до 4.2 вольт, чтобы сделать его равным. Если разница напряжений элементов батареи после каждого разряда больше 0.1 вольт, it means that your battery has failed and should be replaced.

4. don’t charge without care

5. use a safe position to place the charged battery and charger.

6. generally do not have a manufacturer’s special instructions, charging current should not exceed 1 С. Batteries that now support high current discharges also support more than 1 C of current charging. But it will greatly shorten the life of the battery, buy 3 batteries to charge alternately than buy a battery and have to charge quickly is more cost-effective.

Do not store the battery with full charge

Full battery, can not be fully stored for more than 3 дней, if more than a week does not release, some batteries will be directly bulging, some batteries may not drum for the time being, but after several full storage, the battery may be directly scrapped. Следовательно, the correct way is to recharge after receiving the mission, if there is no mission within 3 days after the battery is used, please charge the monolithic voltage to 3.80~3.90 V save. The battery should be discharged to 3.80~3.90 V within 3 days after charging. If the battery is not used within three months, keep the battery after charging and discharging once, which can prolong the battery life. Battery storage should be placed in a cool environment storage, long-term storage of batteries, it is best to be placed in a sealed bag or sealed explosion box, recommended ambient temperature of 10~25 degree, and dry, non-corrosive gas.

Non-damaging packaging

Внешняя упаковка батареи является важной структурой, предотвращающей взрыв батареи и воспламенение утечки.. Разрыв алюминиевой пластиковой пленки литий-полимерной батареи приведет к возгоранию или взрыву батареи.. Аккумулятор должен быть зажатым, в самолете починить аккумулятор, завязывать туго. Потому что можно совершить большой динамический полет или уронить машину, батарею потому что полоса не тугая и выкинуть, which can easily cause damage to the outer skin of the battery.

No short circuit

This often occurs during battery welding line maintenance and transportation. A short circuit can cause a battery to fire or explode. When it is found that the battery has broken after a period of time, it is necessary to reweld the wire, especially pay attention to the electric iron do not contact the positive and negative electrodes of the battery at the same time. К тому же, the best way to transport the battery is that each battery is individually wrapped in a self-sealing bag and placed in an explosion-proof box, so as to prevent short-circuiting of the positive and negative electrodes of a piece of battery simultaneously touching other conductive substances during transportation due to bumps and collisions.

No hypothermia

This principle, many flying friends will ignore. Low-temperature weather often occurs in the north or in high-altitude areas, when the battery is placed outside for a long time, its discharge performance will be greatly reduced, if you have to fly at normal temperature when the flight time, it will certainly be a problem. С этой точки зрения, the alarm voltage should be raised (such as a single alarm voltage to 3.8 V), because in the low temperature environment voltage drop will be very fast, alarm immediately landing. The battery should be kept in a warm environment before take-off, such as inside the house, машина, incubator, и т.д. Чтобы быстро снять батарею и выполнить миссию. Сократите время до половины нормальной температуры во время полета при низкой температуре, чтобы обеспечить безопасный полет.

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