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Analysis of Precautions for Power Batteries in Summer

April 28, 2021

Limited by the low temperature resistance of power batteries, winter new energy vehicles are generally more or less reduced. In fact, the power battery is not only afraid of low temperature, but also afraid of high temperature. Summer has arrived, what are the precautions for using new energy vehicles?

1. avoid exposure. Whether it is a fuel car or an electric car, summer should avoid sun exposure. On the one hand, it will cause damage to the paint and interior of the car; on the other hand, the high temperature caused by long exposure will also be unfavorable to the machine parts and batteries of the vehicle, such as reducing the battery activity.

There are also incidents of battery fires in electric vehicles at high temperatures, so we stop and try to park electric vehicles in the shade.

2. do not charge at high temperature. In the summer of high temperature, and when electric vehicles are charged, they also produce heat. A combination of the two conditions leads to excessive temperature of batteries and chargers. Therefore, when charging must pay attention to charging in a cool and ventilated place.

3. try not to charge on rainy days. The waterproofing of the regular charging pile is a very strict standard. The design of the charging port is mostly without electricity, and the material near the charging port is also insulator. So in general rainy days, charging electric vehicles is absolutely no problem. But it should be noted that lightning high voltage is easy to damage electric vehicles and charging facilities.

4. pay attention to the road surface water, water too deep can not pass. Summer Rain Water, heavy rainfall, the road will sometimes appear more serious water. Deepwater areas do not risk moving forward, which can prevent road problems caused by vehicle damage. It is suggested that when the water is less than 20 cm, it can pass safely, but it needs slow passage.

5. pay attention to the impact of air conditioning on vehicle life. In the summer, new energy vehicles with air conditioning, must have an impact on the mileage. Because the power of the electric compressor comes from the power battery. Turn on the air conditioner and reduce the mileage of 15 to 20 kilometers per hour. Therefore, it is necessary to refrigerate to the appropriate temperature as quickly as possible, and then adjust the wind speed and temperature in time to achieve the effect of reducing energy consumption.

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