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Analysis of the reasons for the slow charging of smartphones

December 18, 2020

With the development of science and technology, the charging speed of mobile phone is getting faster and faster, but there will be some special phenomena that affect the charging time of smart phone. There are several reasons for the slow charging of smart phone.

1. charging plug

To charge the device, select the charging plug. Use iPhone plugs to charge iPad, for example, because the plug power is not enough, charging speed will be very slow. most of the time, the “block” of 1 A AC adapter is less than 2 A AC adapter, so we can usually determine the current size according to the size of the adapter. nevertheless, use high power iPad plug to charge the iPhone, Apple officially said no problem.

2. charging line

Don’t look at the USB lines on the market. In fact, they support different currents. We have a lot of electronic equipment in our hands, and sometimes we inevitably have to know which equipment is equipped with which cable. one solution is to mark all USB cables. Also use the original charging line to charge the device as much as possible, the speed will be much faster.

3. charging temperature

There is such a post in the forum has attracted wide attention. iPhone6Plus some users fully charge for 5 or 6 hours, plug, charging line, without any problems, the user accidentally put the plus number next to the thermos bottle, more than two hours full. Temperature has a certain effect on charging speed.

4. dust

if all three points are fine, check if the charging interface is blocked by some dirt. Although this problem is not obvious, it is also the most easily ignored problem. At this point, we only need a paper clip or toothpick to carefully pull out flocculent dust or dirt.

5. battery aging

Regardless of the above, battery aging is also the main reason for the slow charging speed of mobile phones. Fruit powder knows that unreasonable charging methods and battery aging will affect the daily use of mobile phones, so the normal maintenance of mobile phone batteries is particularly critical.

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