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How big is the market for smartphones? What battery does the smartphone use?

February 23, 2021

Compared with traditional mobile phones, smart phones are changing faster, high-definition large screen, high-pixel camera, face recognition and other functions are increasingly rich and 4 G of promotion and application, coupled with the improvement of people’s disposable income level, smart phone shipments are growing.

According to Statista statistics, global smartphone shipments increased from 305 million in 2010 to 1.473 billion in 2016. With the increasing penetration of smartphones and the significant improvement of the overall performance of smartphones, the cycle of changing machines has been prolonged. After 2017, the global smartphone has entered a stable stage of development.

Development of technology in the next 5 G will accelerate the upgrading speed of smartphone products and enhance the demand of downstream consumer terminals. On the 2019 World Mobile Communications Conference, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers have taken the lead in releasing 5 G of mobile phones.

According to the statistics of the China Information and Communications Research Institute, from January to September 2020, the total volume of mobile phones in the domestic market was 108 million G, and the total number of new models on the market was 167, accounting for 47.7% and 46.5% respectively.

With the increase of smartphone penetration and the development of mobile communication technology, the number of components in smart phone is increasing, the function of mobile phone is abundant, the screen size is expanding, and the screen begins to develop in the direction of high resolution. Mobile phone life began to face challenges.

In the face of the increasing pressure of life, mobile phone manufacturers by increasing the capacity of mobile phone batteries to solve, promote the development of smart phone batteries to large capacity, high rate and other directions.

From the mobile phone lithium battery category, mainly divided into soft battery and square battery. In recent years, the mobile phone lithium battery mainly develops to the direction of lithium polymer battery, and the market proportion increases year by year.

According to TechnoSystems Research data, soft-packed batteries accounted for 53.72 percent of mobile lithium batteries in 2015, and the proportion of soft-packed batteries in 2019 rose to 84.94, with lithium expected in 2021 Li-Polymer batteries will be widely used in mobile phones, and their market share is expected to increase to 88.66.

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