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What is lithium battery pack? What are the components and advantages of the lithium battery pack ?

April 10, 2023

Lithium battery packs refer to the assembly and production of lithium batteries, also known as the lithium battery pack. Pack refers to the customized packaging, packaging and assembly of lithium batteries. The main process is divided into three parts: processing, assembly and packaging. When several modules are controlled or managed by the BMS and the thermal management system, this unified whole is called the lithium battery pack.

Composition of the lithium battery pack:

Литиевый аккумулятор structure generally includes positive electrode, отрицательный электрод, электролит, диафрагма, battery shell and other components. В общем, it is composed of multiple battery packs, and adds the battery management system BMS, which is the products finally provided to users by the lithium battery manufacturer. There are two kinds of shell material of lithium battery package, there are the difference between soft package and hard package such as aluminum shell and steel shell.

Features of the lithium battery pack:

1、Functional integrity and can be used directly.

2、Diversity, a need for multiple realization.

3、Long service life.

4、Each lithium battery pack can give full play to the energy of the battery, safe and reliable.

5、The Lithium battery pack specifications can be customized according to requirements.

Currently, the lithium battery pack is widely used in the consumer electronics market, covering mobile phones, ноутбуки, game consoles, цифровые фотоаппараты, portable devices, Telecommunication devices,Portable office devices,Video devices,Portable exchange devices,Illuminate devices,portable medical equipment and so on.

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